Print-me EcoLine PLA 1.75 250g - Steel

zł25.00 Tax included

Net weight0.25 kg

Printing temp: 190-230 °C

Table temp: 20-60°C

Cooling: 40-100 %

Flow: 100 %

Retraction: ± 5 mm

Nozzle diameter: ≥ 0.1 mm

Printing speed: 30-80 mm/s


The filament of Ecoline PLA series has been developed for freshmen users of FDM technology. Thanks to a low shrinkage factor the filament produced  by us does not need a heated table. Only original raw materials are used to produce the filament and we use the same printing substrates for colorants as well as the raw material. Even though this is an Eco product line it guarantees high-quality prints that will surely meet your expectations! It is a filament for home use, however the prints are characterized by repeatability and exquisite quality even for detailed models. The universal nature of our filaments allows to use them in any 3D printer that applies FDM technology. Thanks to easy coloring the filament is available in wide color selection.


Data sheet

0,25 kg

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