Nylon PA12 Black 200g

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Net weight0.20 kg

Printing temperature: 250-280 °C

Table temperature: 80-120 °C

Colling: 0-40% 

Flow: 100% mm

Retraction: ± 1-6 mm

Nozzle Diameter: ≥0.4 mm

Printing Speed: 30-80 mm/s 


Polyamide PA12 – NYLON -is a construction material perfect to use in: automotive, electrical, electronical and sport industries. NYLON from Print ME is characterized by perfect layer bonding and shrinkage factor below 1.5%. It is a perfect material to produce industrial details such as bushes, bearings, screws, toothed wheels because it is characterized by high resistance to attrition and resilience. It has insulation properties and chemical resistance to grease and oils. Moreover, it has the lowest water absorption of all available polyamides.

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0,20 kg

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