Print-me Flex 40D 200g - Black

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Net weight0.20 kg

Printing temperature: 270-310 °C

Table temperature: 80-120 °C

Colling: 0-40% 

Flow: 100% mm

Retraction: ± 5 mm

Nozzle Diameter: ≥0.2 mm

Printing Speed: 30-60 mm/s 


Printme Flex also known as RUBBER is an elastomer characterized by high simplicity of the print, which offers multiple possibilities even to beginners. PrintMe Flex is a hybrid material that combines the propoerties of rubber and other thermoplastic materials such as PLA or ABS. Our elastomer guarantees resilience and elasticity. The printed details may show up to  20D or  40D hardness in Shore scale. Exquisite prints achieved across all temperature range of  220 – 240˚C will make your printing experience a sheer pleasure. Furthermore we guarantee resistance to chemicals and UV radiation. In order to achieve even better quality of prints we recommend printing with additional cooling option.


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0,20 kg

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