Print-me Swift PET-G 1.75 - 250g Blue Lagoon

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Net weight0.25 kg

Printing temp: 220-250 °C

Table temp: 30-60°C

Cooling: 50-100 %

Flow: 100-110 %

Retraction: ± 6 mm

Nozzle diameter: ≥ 0.2 mm

Printing speed: 30-60 mm/s


Modified by poli-glycol (ethylene terapthalate) – is an amorphical thermoplastic copolyesters characterized by exquisite resistance and optical properties. Its significant advantage is that it may be used in contact with food and cosmetics.

Filament SWIFT PET + G is dedicated mostly to people who professionally deal with FDM technology print-outs. It is more elastic and softer than PLA or ABS. It has very low shrinkage factor and therefore it is suitable for large-sized print-outs. When printing parameters are appropriately selected, printing layers bond perfectly and this gurantees the best printing quality and leaves you satisifed. Swift PET-G has high chemical resistance to acids , alkalis and water. Printing process is free of unpleasant odours so printing with PET-G is very nice! Furthermore, an adequate temperature profile allows for the so-called tossing-free print, which is a considerable advantage as for PET-G.


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0,25 kg

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